What Matters Most 2 U?

We get this one beautiful life, at least on this earth. Are you living the life you’ve always wanted? Do you have great relationships, a job that thrills you, and a path toward pursuing your priorities, passions, and purpose? Or do you sometimes feel unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and empty — wondering, “What do I really want in life?” “Why I am here?”

In the midst of a pandemic, life becomes even more precious for so many of us. Maybe you want to be inspired to focus more on what matters most and even rewrite your story in life and career.

That’s why I created this podcast titled, “What Matters Most 2 U? After 30 years of interviewing thousands of people as a television news anchor and journalist, I’ve learned that we are more alike, than different—that most of us want to live a purposeful life that focuses on relationships and family; health and careers; education and self-improvement; and spirituality and community.

I will share compelling stories, some that I’ve written as a reporter, and interviews from experts and everyday people who are living into their purpose. You will hear the obstacles they’ve overcome, the books they have written, the stories they are creating to live a more meaningful life, and they may inspire, educate, or motivate you to do the same. I will also tackle important topics and issues that are impacting our lives today and matter most to many of us.

And, as a Certified Professional Coach, I will share some insight, and the experience of other coaches, intermittently, as you work to focus on priorities, passion, and purpose.

Won’t you join me on this journey? Life is a beautiful gift, and we don’t want to miss living it fully… while we are here.

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