Life and Career Coaching for Women

I often say, we get one life… at least on this earth. You deserve to live it fully. 

Is this you? You’re a woman who is tired of spinning your wheels in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, or you don’t feel valued for the unique skillsets you bring to the table, and you feel as if you’re shrinking?

Or are you a woman who is ready to focus on what matters most in life and career, break out of the box, and discover your purpose?

Or maybe you’re going through a transition in life and/or career and you’re worried about what’s next. You’re not sure how to get there.

I’ve reinvented my life and career more than a few times and I was always seeking these answers. Why am I here? How can I have an impact in the lives of others? And how can I live a more fulfilled life focusing on my priorities, passion and purpose? As women we seldom ask, “What matters most to me?” because we’re often focused on helping others. 

Many of us travel similar paths in our lives and sometimes we feel stuck, and we continue repeating patterns that don’t move us forward. I’ve learned that there are always new chapters. As a certified professional coach, I am here to help coach you to get there if you’re ready to take that next step.

Specialty Areas

  • How to transform your life and/or career
  • How to rewrite your story through transition
  • How to build a more purposeful life, including how to awaken your heart magnet (your passions, your interests)

Present and Past Clients

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