Brand Storytelling Workshops

Who are your business’s storytellers? They could be company leaders speaking to the media or stakeholders, leaders sharing news to staff about internal projects, or staff sharing your story internally or externally. All of those stories can increase enthusiasm and engagement among employees and customers. 

So, how do you tell your story to staff, media, stakeholders and more? And for your company’s growth externally, how do you identify and tell those crucial customer stories? I teach some of the staples of storytelling to help build your business’s brand and employee engagement, purpose, and a collaborative culture.

Brand Storytelling Workshops:

-Group Coaching or one-on-one coaching for executives, staff, entrepreneurs remotely or in person

  • The ABC’s of Good Storytelling for internal and external communications
  • How to identify your signature stories – your brand stories – as a business or entrepreneur and make emotional connections that attract more clients
  • How to effectively pitch your story to media, podcasters, bloggers, and influencers and break through the noise
  • How to write and produce a good video marketing story
  • How to tell your story during crisis:  The Do’s and Don’ts

Storytelling Workshop

Ebony Marie Chappel
Ebony Marie ChappelIndiana Donor Network
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When our community outreach and marketing teams of Indiana Donor Network wanted to spend some time honing our storytelling skills, the first person who came to mind was Angela Cain. She is of course known for her successful career in television news and other accomplishments but what can't be quantified is passion. She certainly has lots of it and it comes through in her presentation. Angela's workshop was engaging, interactive and thought provoking. I believe it empowered each of us to better tell the stories of the life-saving work we do each and every day. Outside the workshop, Angela has been a great resource and full of amazing ideas. I speak for everyone on our team when I say, Angela is an excellent choice for your company's needs. We highly recommend her.

Present and Past Clients

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