5 Reasons You Need Video To Tell Your Business’s Story & Secrets To Video Success

Your business’s story matters most. It is a crucial part of who you are. But how do you tell it in a way that makes people ...
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How to Live Dr. Martin Luther King’s Words Every Day

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are perhaps more profound today than any other time in recent history. I believe that they are ...
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Five Ways to Relieve Presidential Campaign Stress

Are you feeling stressed and a little depressed about the vitriol and division that have defined our presidential campaign over the last year? The American Psychological ...
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How to Flee from Abuse: An Incest & Abuse Survivor Empowers Others

It’s something all parents hope to hear their children say. “I had an ideal life. I had loving parents and a wonderful childhood.” That was ...
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“UNDOING RACISM”: What Matters Most

It’s a conversation few people want to have. It makes us uncomfortable. Tense. Pits people against each other. It’s a conversation about racism. How to confront ...
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A New Chapter

My 30-year TV media career is ending, as we head into the New Year. I just want to thank all of you for your wonderful ...
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