What is your business’s story? I help elevate it and bring you the attention you deserve through PR, communications strategies, and brand storytelling. I am also a coach in storytelling and media, and in life and career.

You care about so much more than the financial bottom line.

You have a purpose. You want to build a brand with impact and leave a legacy.

Your business understands that people matter. Work culture matters. Communities matter. And you feel compelled to make a difference in people’s lives through the work you do.

But you haven’t been able to break through the noise so that people can know you, see what makes you unique, and connect with you so that you can have the greatest impact.

Your Stories Matter Most. Stories of who you are, what problems you solve, and why clients choose you.

That’s where I come in. 


Through Angela Cain Communications, I consult with purpose-driven businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to help you identify and tell the stories that matter most – the stories that will resonate with your target audiences, build brand loyalty, and increase customers and revenue.

And I do that through strategic PR, communications, and brand storytelling. 

I am a multiple Emmy award-winning former television news anchor/journalist and served in executive roles as Community Affairs Director and Director of Public Affairs. I have told thousands of stories that helped grow customers and I have created business campaigns with great impact that make emotional connections with the people who need to hear your story.

Research shows purpose-driven businesses and entrepreneurs build the most loyal customers and employee engagement. That’s because when people know you care, they care about you, and it starts with your stories of impact.

What do you remember most about the people you meet? You seldom remember the stats and the figures. You remember their story. Their journey. Their authenticity. And when their story resonates, it’s powerful and it’s unforgettable.  

So, let’s start telling your story to build your brand, your impact, and your legacy.

And learn more about why our stories matter most, my experience to help serve you, and why I focus on purpose-driven businesses.  (Click Here for More)

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Child Advocates

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Eastern Star Church

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The Indiana Citizen

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American Senior Communities

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Public Relations & Media Campaigns

I help identify your best stories, promote what makes you unique, and convince customers to choose you through strategic communications plans. And as an award-winning journalist, I have unique insight in knowing what the media wants and how to pitch your story to them effectively.

Media Training and Performance Coaching

Do you know how to confidently talk to the media or other interviewers profiling your business?  It is a critical skill especially for the leader of an organization or other spokespeople. How do you do it effectively when your business is under fire? I can prepare you for the tough questions and how to tell the stories that will resonate most with your audiences.

Video and Audio Production

Your business’s story conveys a sense of purpose which builds a deeper connection with audiences. I specialize in creating impactful marketing videos and digital, tv, and radio ads that make emotional connections with your audiences – stories with purpose that resonate and prompt customers to take action.

Brand Storytelling Workshops

Who are your business’s storytellers? They could be both leaders speaking to the media or other audiences and general staff sharing news about internal projects. And those stories can increase enthusiasm and engagement among employees. I teach some of the staples of storytelling to build your business’s brand, employee purpose and a collaborative culture.

Content Creation and Marketing

Great storytelling benefits your business in countless ways. You can use stories to engage, educate, and inspire both internal and external audiences. Stories are powerful. They build your brand, make emotional connections with audiences and increase customer loyalty.

Motivational Speaking

I am also available for motivational and education speaking, remotely and in-person depending on schedule.

Life and Career Coaching for Women

If you’re a woman who is tired of spinning your wheels in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, ready to break out of the box and discover your purpose, or going through a transition in life and/or career and worried about what’s next… I’ve been there. Done that. And you can always rewrite your story. Let’s talk.

Present and Past Clients

I am back! After a quiet period of reflection and some life circumstances that kept me silent, I am ready to ‘raise my voice’ more often again.

I recently interacted with a very kind couple at an event I was emceeing. The gentleman asked me, “Why don’t we hear from you anymore on social media?” He thought some of my reflections were inspiring. Those words touched me because I believe we are in this world to care about each other, share with each other, and spread love and kindness.

So today, I am sharing a perhaps mundane moment in my work as an entrepreneur—a “Day in the Life” photo. It reminds me that I wish I had a dog’s life.

These are two of my granddoggies who are *really hard at work* sitting near me as I sit ‘toiling at my desk’ (☺️), writing content for one of my clients.

As I work, this is how they spend most of their day—sleeping. There is something wrong with this picture. They get free food, free bedding, and free love, and they don’t even have to pay any bills.

As I reconnect, I will share more of my thoughts on creating a “what matters most life.” And this is part of what matters most to me: those we love, and that includes our pets.

This kind of ‘reflection’ can help us all create a more purposeful life. It means taking time in our crazy, busy lives to stop and appreciate the moments.

And I genuinely love my granddoggies, even if they never say thank you.🥰

Do you have any ‘what matters most’ moments or photos you want to share?

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Remembering a getaway with some of my family along the Lake Michigan shore. We all need more of this. Getaways. #Family moments. #Love. And peace. #Goals in 2024.❤️ Building a #WhatMattersMost life. What about you? ...

It is a source of pride for my family. And I didn`t understand the gravity of it until I stepped foot on the campus of Tuskegee University in Tuskegee Alabama for the first time last fall. And I wept.

My Uncle, my Dad`s brother, was a Tuskegee Airman. William Cain`s uniform is on display at the National Museum of the US Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio today.

But I felt his presence at Tuskegee University where those airmen trained long ago, when I was on a work trip to campus. And it touched me deeply. It is a part of my life story.

I felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness for the opportunities the school provided for my Uncle and others when there were no other options. Tuskegee was our nation`s first institution of higher learning for African Americans.

However, I was at Tuskegee University for a different reason. I am a storyteller, a journalist, and an entrepreneur, and I had the opportunity to profile a *different* story for a client.

Lumina Foundation, a private education foundation in Indianapolis, sent me there to produce and write a video story for its Focus Magazine, an online publication. This story focuses on racially diverse students majoring in "Green Careers." They want to help take better care of our earth and fight climate change and their studies can help impact all of our lives.

So, I am honored to share a part of Tuskegee`s story, today, and how these impressive students are helping build a better future for our planet. And you will see how they are inspired by historic African American trailblazers who founded or taught at Tuskegee.

I hope you will go to my bio link to listen. As a storyteller, I believe stories of our nation`s present, informed by our past, are a part of what matters most.

And I hope you think about how you are telling *your story.* Our personal or business stories are critical to connecting with audiences. Our stories matter most.

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I don`t know about you but my heart has felt so heavy in the last few years. I feel pain deeply. I have been called an empath.

And I, like others, have been feeling the burden of chaos, division, and darkness in our nation that is escalating. It makes it hard sometimes to speak, write, or share our thoughts. We don`t want conflict, constant attacks, or exhaustion.

In 2024, I want to believe that some of us will seek more light. That we will be less mean. Less angry. Less blinded by `otherizing.` And that includes being less prejudiced, biased, and unwilling to listen to each other so we can try to see where our pain lies.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in life is that "hurt people *hurt* people." And often we are lashing out at people who didn`t cause it. How can we stop that behavior if we never take the time to see each other? If we view each other as enemies?

I pray, today, that we remember what we have in common even as we confront our differences. Most of us love our families. We want to have a fulfilled and purposeful life. We love our children and we want the best for them. But what are we teaching them? Is hatred or anger something we purposely model instead of compromise or understanding? What world are we leaving them when we are gone?

Don`t get me wrong. I am a realist. There are bridges that some of us will never be able to cross. As a Black woman, I can`t sanction things such as abuse, misogyny, or bigotry. Some of our differences are not negotiable.

But when good people seek peace and understanding and search for the lighted paths forward, not our darkest impulses, we have the power to help change the nation for the better. Even through fear, exhaustion, and fatigue.

Who do you want to be?

In honor of Dr. King, may 2024 be the year when good people rise. #Morelove #Lesshate #MLKholiday

When was the last time you spoke these words to yourself? When you wake up each morning, what story are you living into?

I hope it is a story where you embrace your strengths...your uniqueness...your accomplishments.

Please don`t let that voice of self-doubt rule your day...a voice that sometimes whispers in your ear when you compare yourself to others. Or when you listen to critics who may be afraid of your light or don`t have a clue about who you are.

Acceptance of yourself and others often starts with self-love. From that place, you can share your joy, pain, mistakes, and successes with confidence and compassion.

Don`t diminish yourself because of your imperfections. We all have them. You are all the things on this list - and more.

I hope you start each day celebrating *who you are*. Tape those words of affirmation on your mirror or bedroom wall when you wake. And take note of how those words guide you through each day.

Part of what matters most in life is the way you treat yourself.

It`s time to rewrite your story. Today.

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What is one key to building your business?

I have spent many years telling stories, producing thousands of videos, television news specials, social media content, podcasts, and more, as a former tv news anchor/journalist and, today, as a brand storytelling entrepreneur.

And I`ve learned that it is critical for a business to make emotional connections with clients and target audiences through your stories if you want them to `buy into` or `buy` what you are offering.

Some studies show that 95% of customers` purchase decisions are subconscious. And one of the biggest reasons they buy is because your brand emotionally connects with them.

So how do you make those connections?

Go to my bio link to check out some great marketing tips from @business_dotcom on how to build brand intimacy and brand loyalty, especially the tips that remind you to be authentic and caring.

And remember. Your stories matter most in helping you build your brand.

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Today I am reminded of what matters most. And Memorial Day matters.

This is a day to honor and mourn our military heroes who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice--those who lost their lives while representing our nation on the battlefield.

Just imagine the courage it takes to know that when you register to serve in our U.S. Armed Forces, there is at least a chance you will never make it back home.

They are fathers and sons, mothers and daughters whose loved ones will forever have a deep hole in their hearts that can never be filled. They miss them every day.

This Memorial Day, don`t forget to remember and honor our military heroes. And if you know someone who lost a loved one who was serving, let them know you are thinking about them today.

But I hope we never forget our soldier`s heroism throughout the year. It stands as a testament of courage for all of us...not just on Memorial Day...but every day.

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So you want media attention for your business but you don`t know where to start or you aren`t having much success?

As a Communications, PR, and Media Training entrepreneur, and former television news anchor/journalist, I share intermittent `refresher` tips on getting media coverage.

1. Do your homework. Research which media, both locally or nationally, might have journalists, reporters, or other writers who would cover your type of story. Know to whom you are `pitching.`

2. Ask yourself, "Why would this media and their audience care about this story?" Write a story that could attract their viewers, listeners, or readers. It will increase your chances of getting coverage.

3. When possible, include a human interest story or angle in your press release. The story could be the impact of your business, nonprofit, or product on people. A human interest `story` can give media a more compelling narrative to share and a potential interview for their video or article. It can also have a greater appeal to a journalist.

4. Follow some of the journalists aligned with your topics or interests, on social media. Discover what stories interest them and comment or engage intermittently.

5. If you`re scheduling an event or launch and hoping for a story on the same day, plan the event or interview availability for earlier in the morning...perhaps around 10 a.m. at the latest. Many newsrooms have story idea meetings in the morning. And then, they reach out to sources to cover the stories while on daily deadlines in tv newscasts, radio, or digital and print articles later in the day.

And always remember, for journalists your `stories matter most.` Take time to craft a story in a press release that will resonate with their audiences. That is a key component of building successful media relationships.

When journalists can tell that you "do your homework," they take note, and eventually...if not immediately...they may respond.

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I spent much of my life `on camera` as a television news anchor/reporter for nearly 30 years.

But when I first appeared on camera, I was really nervous. (Does this sound like you?)

I remember trying to `sound like a journalist`...more authoritative...or whatever that meant.🙂

I was a new college graduate with no "live tv" or on-camera experience, and it was daunting to be in front of sometimes hundreds of thousands of viewers where your mistakes were there for everyone to see.

But my Mom, who was able to watch my tv news debut in Ohio long ago, helped set me up for on-camera success with just a few words that shaped my career.

She saw me `trying to be a journalist` and said, "Angie. Just be yourself!"

It was some of the best early career advice I ever had. And although it sounds simple, I advise you whenever you are on camera to "Just do you." Be authentic to who you are. That relieves anxiety, relaxes you, and helps people better connect to the `real you.`

A few other on-camera tips? With today`s technological advances, you can actually find an app that serves as a `teleprompter` much like tv news anchors use on the set. So you can read your words while recording and you don`t even have to memorize your script.

But there is a skillset to `reading` your own copy, too, in an unstilted, comfortable way. My college theatre background taught me how to be more natural when reading and find the keywords and phrases to emphasize. That is a skill that you can develop, too.

But never forget. What you write to say on camera is probably more important than anything else you do.

What story are you telling? What are you offering the audience through your insight, advice, wisdom, or experience? What problem are you solving for them?

The audience may not come - or stay - if the story isn`t resonating.

As an entrepreneur, I help people and businesses learn through performance and storytelling coaching and media training. And although performance matters, I have found that your story matters most.

And you can learn to get comfortable telling it.

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Let`s hear it for the amazing and accomplished women in our nation and worldwide from every background and walk of life.

This is National Women`s History Month, a special time of year to celebrate the achievements, culture, and history of women.

And it is especially poignant to me, as a journalist, because the National Women`s History Alliance, which led the movement to create this month, has chosen this theme for 2023: "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories."

That includes journalists, authors, songwriters, and more--talented women in radio, tv, print, the stage, screen and other professions who have shaped our past and our present. You can learn more about the month in my bio link.

And I hope you feel personal pride in the women in your life: the mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and friends who contribute so much to our lives.

There is something very unique about the gifts and the impact of women as they pave a path and leave a legacy from which we all can learn.

Let`s honor, recognize, and thank women now and throughout the year. Because her story is making history.

#WomensHistory #WomensHistoryMonth #Women #Storytellers #Writers #Journalists

We have witnessed much progress in our nation over the years-racial progress, in particular, inspired by civil rights giants such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we salute him on this holiday, I share his uplifting words about "hope" that may resonate with some of us today.

At a time when our nation is facing a crisis of conscience in determining who we truly want to be going forward and what role we each want to play, I always have hope.

I hope many of us will continue to advocate for justice, equity, and equality for everyone, in a country increasingly divided over race, diversity, and inclusion.

And I hope many of us will work intentionally to get to know each other and find out what we have in common—what matters most to each of us.

And that may include:

◆ Our love for family and friends.

◆The desire for our children to have a better life than we had with infinite possibilities, no matter what the color of their skin, ethnicity, or gender.

◆Our quest to live our best lives with more love, compassion, and unity and less darkness and division.

We may not all have the same goals or perspectives. But how do you want to be remembered when you are no longer here?

I hope a few might remember me as someone who stood up for marginalized, abused, and hurting people.

Or as someone who urged us to rewrite the divisive stories we`ve learned from the past and build a better and more harmonious future for our children. They deserve better from us.

We can be the change this nation desperately needs, as many of our ancestors of every race, ethnicity, and background were before us.

And that gives me hope.

Even in the midst of disappointment, in the words of the courageous Dr. Martin Luther King, I still have infinite hope.

What about you?

#hope #Kingholiday #MLKHoliday #equity #equality #humanity #whatmattersmost #lifecoach #storyteller #journalist #inspirational

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