What is your business’s story? I help elevate it and bring you the attention you deserve through PR, communications strategies, and brand storytelling. I am also a coach in storytelling and media, and in life and career.

You care about so much more than the financial bottom line.

You have a purpose. You want to build a brand with impact and leave a legacy.

Your business understands that people matter. Work culture matters. Communities matter. And you feel compelled to make a difference in people’s lives through the work you do.

But you haven’t been able to break through the noise so that people can know you, see what makes you unique, and connect with you so that you can have the greatest impact.

Your Stories Matter Most. Stories of who you are, what problems you solve, and why clients choose you.

That’s where I come in. 


Through Angela Cain Communications, I consult with purpose-driven businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to help you identify and tell the stories that matter most – the stories that will resonate with your target audiences, build brand loyalty, and increase customers and revenue.

And I do that through strategic PR, communications, and brand storytelling. 

I am a multiple Emmy award-winning former television news anchor/journalist and served in executive roles as Community Affairs Director and Director of Public Affairs. I have told thousands of stories that helped grow customers and I have created business campaigns with great impact that make emotional connections with the people who need to hear your story.

Research shows purpose-driven businesses and entrepreneurs build the most loyal customers and employee engagement. That’s because when people know you care, they care about you, and it starts with your stories of impact.

What do you remember most about the people you meet? You seldom remember the stats and the figures. You remember their story. Their journey. Their authenticity. And when their story resonates, it’s powerful and it’s unforgettable.  

So, let’s start telling your story to build your brand, your impact, and your legacy.

And learn more about why our stories matter most, my experience to help serve you, and why I focus on purpose-driven businesses.  (Click Here for More)

Success Stories

Child Advocates

In every story with clients, I focus on what makes them unique. Child Advocates often goes ‘where others fear to tread’…

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The Johnson Memorial Health Story

Angela Cain Communications has been hired to produce several videos for an annual fundraiser for Johnson Memorial Health…

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Eastern Star Church

Over that six-month period, media exposure for Eastern Star Church increased at a phenomenal rate with more than two dozen stories of its campaigns on tv, radio, and in newspapers.

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The Indiana Citizen

The Indiana Citizen wanted to reach marginalized communities primed to potentially lose their voices through gerrymandering…

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American Senior Communities

American Senior Communities used each story to help attract more seniors to choose their living communities.

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Public Relations & Media Campaigns

I help identify your best stories, promote what makes you unique, and convince customers to choose you through strategic communications plans. And as an award-winning journalist, I have unique insight in knowing what the media wants and how to pitch your story to them effectively.

Media Training and Performance Coaching

Do you know how to confidently talk to the media or other interviewers profiling your business?  It is a critical skill especially for the leader of an organization or other spokespeople. How do you do it effectively when your business is under fire? I can prepare you for the tough questions and how to tell the stories that will resonate most with your audiences.

Video and Audio Production

Your business’s story conveys a sense of purpose which builds a deeper connection with audiences. I specialize in creating impactful marketing videos and digital, tv, and radio ads that make emotional connections with your audiences – stories with purpose that resonate and prompt customers to take action.

Brand Storytelling Workshops

Who are your business’s storytellers? They could be both leaders speaking to the media or other audiences and general staff sharing news about internal projects. And those stories can increase enthusiasm and engagement among employees. I teach some of the staples of storytelling to build your business’s brand, employee purpose and a collaborative culture.

Content Creation and Marketing

Great storytelling benefits your business in countless ways. You can use stories to engage, educate, and inspire both internal and external audiences. Stories are powerful. They build your brand, make emotional connections with audiences and increase customer loyalty.

Motivational Speaking

I am also available for motivational and education speaking, remotely and in-person depending on schedule.

Life and Career Coaching for Women

If you’re a woman who is tired of spinning your wheels in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, ready to break out of the box and discover your purpose, or going through a transition in life and/or career and worried about what’s next… I’ve been there. Done that. And you can always rewrite your story. Let’s talk.

Present and Past Clients

I am a communications entrepreneur working with purpose-driven businesses that are making a difference in communities. The Indiana Citizen is one of those clients with great impact and it has a job opportunity that will address issues that affect marginalized communities.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit civic engagement and journalism platform, is seeking a journalist for a unique position—a Racial Justice Reporter in Indianapolis who will write articles for its online platform and for the Indianapolis Recorder, the nation's fourth-oldest surviving African American newspaper. The Indiana Citizen wants the Senior Writer to explore how policy at all levels of government impacts the pursuit of racial justice in Indiana.

The Indiana Citizen is already winning accolades for its reporting. With just one year of operation as a journalism platform, it has won a state journalism award from the Indiana Professional Chapter of the #SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists). It won for its reporting on redistricting as state legislators drew new maps that impacted the state politically in 2021. The reporting project featured articles that educated Hoosiers about racial gerrymandering and the effects of redistricting on Black and brown communities, including how it can silence their voices. The campaign was titled, “Racial Justice Requires Fair Maps.”

The grant-funded racial justice reporter position will be filled very soon. The Indiana Citizen is taking applications through Friday. If you are interested in working as a journalist with community impact or know a journalist who is, get all of the details in my bio link.

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Yes! I admired Mother Teresa's selflessness, commitment, and love that she poured into everything that she did, so this quote from her really speaks to my heart. I have often said, "For what other reason are we here if not to care about each other, share and connect with each other, and love each other?"

So I have tried to operate from a place of love in whatever I choose to do in both life and career—and, for me, that is making choices that help or serve others in some way, especially those who are hurting, abused, discriminated against or marginalized. We get a finite amount of time on earth. Why waste it doing something that doesn't fulfill you, move you, or feel meaningful? When you put love into what you do—at home, in your career, and in your community—that is purposeful. And how can you go wrong taking a little advice from a woman canonized as a Saint?

Our nation, today, desperately needs more love and people who have the heart of Mother Teresa. What a different place it would be...if we did.

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So what does freedom mean to you? I can't sugarcoat it. For my ancestors, it was a time when they learned they could no longer legally be bought, beaten, or killed by slave owners, facing mutilation or death if they escaped. Freedom meant they could learn to read and write without a threat to their lives. Freedom meant they could make a living wage, not work for free and in fear, and that their children would be unshackled from the chains of slavery.

Today's Juneteenth holiday represents freedom for the last of the slaves that Confederate soldiers kept captive in Texas more than two years after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation that ended slavery. It is a holiday for every American—not just for African-Americans. Imagine, for a moment, what it would have been like if this was your family... and your lives were fraught with fear, inequities, dehumanization, and death. What would freedom mean to you? Would this holiday have more significance?

When we put ourselves in other people's shoes, perhaps that can make us understand why this is such a momentous day... and why freedom is a celebration for all of us. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, "No one is free until we are all free.”

I hope we honor this holiday. You can learn more about this history—so that we never repeat it— in my bio link.

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I lost my father many years ago, but on this Father's Day, I am blessed to see so much love from “the daddies” of all of my 43 nieces and nephews, of every age (even 'greats'), in my big beautiful family. They are engaged, loving, and creative in their approaches to fatherhood and they serve as role models to their children...embodying how critical a father's role is.

I hope we never underestimate the gift of a wonderful father. Fathers are often our children’s heroes. The way they treat them will help them develop into healthy and whole children and inform the way they treat others, including the choices they make in their relationships some day. It is an awesome responsibility.

Never take for granted the impact of a father's love. Yes, our career matters but I have found that what matters most in life is the way we show up at home... the way we treat those we love.

Sending love to all the great fathers in my family... and all families... this Father’s Day.❤️

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What is your life or career #story? As a journalist and brand storyteller, I have been telling others' stories for so long that I don't often think about sharing mine. That's why I was so touched that @indymaven, a lifestyle media company for women and by women, reached out to me to learn a little of mine. And I love it when women business owners empower and support other women.

In the spotlight article, “Maven to Know”, I share some insight into my business, some fun facts...including my favorite restaurant dish…and a missed opportunity to write songs for a major recording group (featuring Beyonce) that, I guess, wasn't my “destiny.” I let fear get in my way. (Don't miss your opportunities!)

Our stories connect us. They are how we get to know each other. And it is always special when you ‘make news’ because others want to tell your story. A big 'thank you' to Indy Maven for asking to share a little of mine. #Humbled

You can view the article in my bio link and get an idea of how others can tell your story, too.

#Tellyourstory #storytelling #lifelessons #womenempoweringwomen #business #businessstory #lifestory #womenbusinessowners #storyteller #journalist #entrepreneur

Yes. We went there. Three mothers and business leaders–-one Black and two white—have a raw, honest, and authentic conversation about race; how to be an ally for diversity, equity, and inclusion at work and at home for our children; and how we can build a better future for every child where their race will not determine their life outcomes.

As an entrepreneur, working with purpose-driven businesses, I host and produce this client podcast for Child Advocates in Indianapolis. The agency serves children in the child welfare system who face abuse and neglect, but it also hosts community-wide "Interrupting Racism for Children" workshops.

In this episode, Child Advocates invited Julie Kratz, a highly acclaimed TEDx speaker, inclusive leader, and author as a guest. You will hear a passionate and insightful discussion from various perspectives and experiences: some that may surprise you… some that may resonate with you… and some stories that could break down walls between us. I even share an eye-opening, and kind of heartbreaking career experience as a Black woman in management, where I learned that diversity...doesn't always matter...in the business world. 

We don't have to agree on everything but when we are willing to listen to each other, perhaps we can work together to show our children less divisiveness...a better understanding of each others' perspectives... and a future that embraces the beauty, uniqueness, and value in everyone. We all belong here.

I hope you will listen to and share: "How To Be An Ally for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work and at Home." Find Child Advocates’ "Your Voice. Their Future." podcast link in my bio.

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They were mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons. And they courageously donned their uniforms and headed into battle, sacrificing their lives while fighting for our country.

I honor our warriors today--those who paid the ultimate price. What greater sign of heroism is there than being willing to risk the very breath you take, for your nation's stability and future?

This Memorial Day, let's pay tribute to each and every one of them. They help keep America the land of the free because they were so brave.

Thank you. We honor you. And we will never forget.

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Some Lessons Learned in Life (so far):

• Don't do it! Don't choose a major in college, or a career, that doesn't speak to your heart or your purpose. Sometimes we try to fit into what some call an "ideal" career that wasn't our idea. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Dig deep and discover what your talents, interests, and vision are for your life—not someone else's. What would move you and fulfill you? Pursue that. And remember, you can always build new chapters.

• Don't do it! Don't hide who you are. Embrace your imperfections, your non-conformities, your individuality. Live your truth, whatever it is. It will free you! We give too much power to others to shape and control our life stories. Why? Will it really matter in the end? Those who really love you will support you. We get one life, at least on earth. Live it fully.

• Don't do it! Don't let your fear of failure prevent you from taking that risk... from grabbing that opportunity... from believing in all of your possibilities... even if you sometimes fall. Life is a rollercoaster ride but that's part of its thrill...surprising, unpredictable, earth-shattering, but, also, breathtaking. Inhale its beauty. Don't miss a moment. And may your imprint be a life focusing on what matters most to you…a life of purpose…a life well-lived.

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I often say, "Is there anything more precious than a child?" If there is one thing that should unite us as a nation, it should be the critical importance of protecting innocent children—young children heading to school to learn, draw and play...not to hide from a murderous young man on a gun rampage.

After the horrific killing of 19 school children in Uvalde, Texas, and two adults, what will we do? Will we just leave it at 'thoughts and prayers' and move forward... unprepared or unconcerned about another day when it will likely happen again? Will we bury our heads in the sand, feeling helpless about making a difference when the laws of the land, and some in Congress with the power to change things, won't provide a solution? Will we become numb, soon, to the idea of another mass shooting, just days after a young gunman, in a racist rage, killed ten people at a Buffalo, New York supermarket, admitting that he was targeting Black people who were unarmed and simply shopping for groceries?

As a Black woman, as a mother, as a caring human being, I am heartbroken to see yet another mass murder—with no solution in sight. I cried while watching the news yesterday. We can't afford to lose our compassion for each other, our common humanity, and act as if it's... just another day in America. This is our America. And it's up to us to be the change that we want to see. If not, who are we waiting for? In the school shooting in Texas, you might ask yourself, "What would I do if that was my child?"

I stand up today for innocent shooting victims of all ages... for little school children…for their grieving parents. We need to protect our babies from violence. We need to protect each other. We must do better. Life is precious. And for me, silence is not an option.

Our Clients in the News

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