What is your business’s story? I help elevate it and bring you the attention you deserve through PR, communications strategies, and brand storytelling. I am also a coach in storytelling and media, and in life and career.

You care about so much more than the financial bottom line.

You have a purpose. You want to build a brand with impact and leave a legacy.

Your business understands that people matter. Work culture matters. Communities matter. And you feel compelled to make a difference in people’s lives through the work you do.

But you haven’t been able to break through the noise so that people can know you, see what makes you unique, and connect with you so that you can have the greatest impact.

Your Stories Matter Most. Stories of who you are, what problems you solve, and why clients choose you.

That’s where I come in. 


Through Angela Cain Communications, I consult with purpose-driven businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to help you identify and tell the stories that matter most – the stories that will resonate with your target audiences, build brand loyalty, and increase customers and revenue.

And I do that through strategic PR, communications, and brand storytelling. 

I am a multiple Emmy award-winning former television news anchor/journalist and served in executive roles as Community Affairs Director and Director of Public Affairs. I have told thousands of stories that helped grow customers and I have created business campaigns with great impact that make emotional connections with the people who need to hear your story.

Research shows purpose-driven businesses and entrepreneurs build the most loyal customers and employee engagement. That’s because when people know you care, they care about you, and it starts with your stories of impact.

What do you remember most about the people you meet? You seldom remember the stats and the figures. You remember their story. Their journey. Their authenticity. And when their story resonates, it’s powerful and it’s unforgettable.  

So, let’s start telling your story to build your brand, your impact, and your legacy.

And learn more about why our stories matter most, my experience to help serve you, and why I focus on purpose-driven businesses.  (Click Here for More)

Success Stories

Child Advocates

In every story with clients, I focus on what makes them unique. Child Advocates often goes ‘where others fear to tread’…

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The Johnson Memorial Health Story

Angela Cain Communications has been hired to produce several videos for an annual fundraiser for Johnson Memorial Health…

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Eastern Star Church

Over that six-month period, media exposure for Eastern Star Church increased at a phenomenal rate with more than two dozen stories of its campaigns on tv, radio, and in newspapers.

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The Indiana Citizen

The Indiana Citizen wanted to reach marginalized communities primed to potentially lose their voices through gerrymandering…

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American Senior Communities

American Senior Communities used each story to help attract more seniors to choose their living communities.

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Public Relations & Media Campaigns

I help identify your best stories, promote what makes you unique, and convince customers to choose you through strategic communications plans. And as an award-winning journalist, I have unique insight in knowing what the media wants and how to pitch your story to them effectively.

Media Training and Performance Coaching

Do you know how to confidently talk to the media or other interviewers profiling your business?  It is a critical skill especially for the leader of an organization or other spokespeople. How do you do it effectively when your business is under fire? I can prepare you for the tough questions and how to tell the stories that will resonate most with your audiences.

Video and Audio Production

Your business’s story conveys a sense of purpose which builds a deeper connection with audiences. I specialize in creating impactful marketing videos and digital, tv, and radio ads that make emotional connections with your audiences – stories with purpose that resonate and prompt customers to take action.

Brand Storytelling Workshops

Who are your business’s storytellers? They could be both leaders speaking to the media or other audiences and general staff sharing news about internal projects. And those stories can increase enthusiasm and engagement among employees. I teach some of the staples of storytelling to build your business’s brand, employee purpose and a collaborative culture.

Content Creation and Marketing

Great storytelling benefits your business in countless ways. You can use stories to engage, educate, and inspire both internal and external audiences. Stories are powerful. They build your brand, make emotional connections with audiences and increase customer loyalty.

Motivational Speaking

I am also available for motivational and education speaking, remotely and in-person depending on schedule.

Life and Career Coaching for Women

If you’re a woman who is tired of spinning your wheels in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, ready to break out of the box and discover your purpose, or going through a transition in life and/or career and worried about what’s next… I’ve been there. Done that. And you can always rewrite your story. Let’s talk.

Present and Past Clients

"If deep within us we're ever to experience, as our normal state of being, personal fulfillment and peace of mind, we must first rise to the challenge of complete, unqualified self-acceptance." - Leon F. Seltzer, PhD

Do you accept all of who you are? Or do you worry too much about the judgment of others and have a hard time seeing the shine...on your own diamond? Diamonds, too, have flaws but they remain rare, unique, and beautiful.

I hope that you always see the beauty in you and let that be the story that you 'live'...not a story that others may write about you sometimes based on their own lack of self-acceptance or insecurities.

I have discovered that self-acceptance is a key part of self-love. So what kind of self-love are you giving yourself, today? How are you taking care of you?

An article in my bio link shares these words of wisdom:

"To practice self-love, start by being kind, patient, gentle and compassionate to yourself, the way you would with someone else that you care about."

I love that. Are we as kind to ourselves as we are to others? Even with years of living, I still am a work in progress. But we can grow and learn and love ourselves better...at any age.

Check out the links in my bio on self-love and self-acceptance. Don't waste any more time...not loving and accepting you.

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Could you be in an abusive relationship or workplace?

I told thousands of people's stories over a 30-year tv news anchor/journalism career and I have always had deep empathy for others and often felt their pain...sometimes personally...as they went through life trials.

And sometimes I cried *with* them because it is a human reaction and because I believe everyone deserves to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. I also think we should support people facing unbearable obstacles.

That is why I created a 12-year campaign titled "Shattering the Silence" while serving as the Community Affairs Director at a television news station.

I wrote dozens of news reports profiling courageous abuse survivors; half-hour to hour-long television news specials; and PSA's and commercials... all of the stories and messages inspiring others to seek help from abuse and directing people to shelters, or other resources, for hope and healing.

Please hear me when I say that abuse is not always physical. Sometimes it's mental/psychological, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial, and more.

Domestic abuse is defined as a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. And both women and men can face abuse but statistics show women most often suffer from it. If you want to leave a relationship safely, seek professional help with info on my bio link.

But today, I also realize that abuse can be constant "gaslighting" that paralyzes you and makes you shrink, as people deny or distort your reality and your truth and often blame you for every problem. And that can happen in domestic relationships or *any* relationship or setting...even in your workplace.

That is why I felt compelled to share another article, on my bio link, about gaslighting with those who may need to hear it today. The first step to healing is to recognize what is happening to you and seek help. You are not alone.

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"Know your value." That is not just a simple phrase but words that have powerful meaning when you understand and embrace all that you have to offer both personally and professionally.

On this Labor Day, I hope you see your value in the work that you do for a career. And I hope that you work for employers and leaders who also see your value and what you uniquely have to offer.

You will know by the way they treat you...by the appreciation they show...by the opportunities they offer you to be promoted...by the investment they make in you to grow through mentorship, coaching, or educational opportunities to help take your skills to the next level.

And, you will know by the way they see you. They hear you. And the way they consider, reward, and even implement, some of your ideas, input, and perspective.

That is the type of business that deserves your labor.

Sometimes those businesses are hard to find—and many of us have experienced poor or unappreciative work environments—so if that's your experience, it is more critical than ever for you to know your value, and put in every effort to seek better opportunities where you are, or find a workplace that values what you bring to the table. Because you deserve to be respected...and honored...and appreciated.

This Labor Day, I want to thank all of the wonderful, hard-working, and dedicated employees for everything you do. May we never take it for granted. For what would a business be...without you? Know your value.

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This really speaks to my heart as an entrepreneur. If you are a business owner, or work in any role that promotes your workplace, I believe that when you operate from a place of 'giving', instead of 'getting', people can connect with you so much better.

Customers want to know that you are giving them something that enhances their lives, solves a problem, inspires or educates them, or maybe even adds meaning to their lives. You will know what they need, and what you need to give them when you determine who your audience/customer is...whom you hope to attract. And you will be more successful in attracting them when you authentically care about them. Most of them will know it...if you don't.

It goes back to the 'golden rule' that many of us learned as children so long ago...a lesson my mother definitely instilled in me. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Or, more simply put, treat people the way you want to be treated (or some would say, 'the way they want to be treated.") As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, I want to make a difference in people's lives, so I can't operate any other way. It's always good to remember your purpose, your 'why', in everything you do.

It is important to connect—not because you want something—but because you have something to give to someone that you believe will make their life better. Connect to give, not to get. Do you agree?

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There is something so rewarding about doing work that is purposeful—work that has meaning to you, or supporting businesses that have an impact on people's lives and communities. Research shows that employees who work for purpose-driven businesses are happier and more productive. And businesses can attract more customers when they know that you care, especially those aligned with your causes or values.

As a journalist and, now, as an entrepreneur, I have chosen to work with purposeful businesses. I've seen, close up, the impact of businesses volunteering to shop for, and help fit, winter coats on thousands of children in need. I've witnessed employees shopping for Christmas gifts for children who had nothing...not even a tree. And then there are businesses standing up for social causes; helping us create a better world environmentally; donating to causes that help children facing abuse and neglect...and so much more.

Share those stories of your business's impact on lives and communities. Share why you do what you do and why it matters most to you. You may inspire other businesses to do the same. And you will make emotional connections with customers—lasting impressions that build loyalty—because of the difference you are making.

What are you doing that is purpose-driven as a business? It's good for business. But it's also...good for the soul.

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Are you thinking about starting a business? When I first thought about becoming an entrepreneur, about six years ago, I asked myself the three questions that most businesses do. First, who are you? I knew that I had to be centered on who I was to ensure that I was choosing a service that aligned with my skillsets, experience, and talents and—for me—my purpose.

And then, what problems do you solve? I knew that I couldn't serve clients, well, unless I was bringing value by providing solutions to problems or addressing issues that were important to their needs.

And then, I asked, "Why should clients choose you?" I focused on how I would serve clients but also on what makes me and my services, or the way I serve, unique. What do I offer that might give me the edge over others in my space?

It is also important to know who your target audience is.... who you want to serve... and to drill down deeply to find the perfect 'avatar' for your business so that you know how to attract that customer and help them serve their core audiences.

I specialize in PR, Media Training, and Brand Storytelling for purpose-driven clients. I like telling the stories of clients that are having an impact on people's lives, in their communities, or on issues that align with some of my own values. And I like coaching businesses on how to tell their stories, or coaching individuals who want to rewrite their stories or discover what their purpose is...finding out what matters most to them in life and career.

No matter what you choose to do as a business, make sure it aligns with your life vision, values, and purpose. That will make it more meaningful for you and more rewarding.

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As entrepreneurs, sometimes we just know when...something is off. When we feel kind of 'stuck in place' and aren't sure how to reach that next goal. If your 'biz needs a boost', you may need a little help with PR or storytelling that resonates with your clients.

As a former television news anchor/journalist, I help people tell their story in a way that makes emotional connections with audiences that can build your brand and your customers. I also write press releases to help increase your chances of capturing media's attention (who knows what media wants better than the media?🙂). And, are you nervous about doing interviews or any public speaking? I help prepare clients for interviews with reporters, podcasters, talk show hosts, and more, through media training. And, I can prep you to answer even the difficult questions from probing reporters and share performance coaching tips, for both interviews and public speaking. I can also help you craft 'key messages' to focus your interview and have more impact for your target audience.

But if you need a makeover in your professional or personal biz and you want to 'rewrite your story', do you know what steps to take next? If not, I can help you build a new chapter focusing on your 'why'—your purpose. Ready to build a life that speaks to your heart? It's never too late to change.

Learn more about my services in my bio link. Sometimes we all just need a little 'boost.'

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Want to get media attention? When I was a television news reporter for years, I always appreciated it when people actually took the time to know what beat or issues I covered. When you send reporters information that doesn't align with the type of reporting they do, they will more quickly lose interest in what you send to them and in your future emails. So, do your homework. Review some of the reporter's stories. See what types of issues they cover, and how they tell those stories, so you will see why that story interested them.

And, remember this. Reporters want a good story—a story that will resonate with their audiences. So know how to pitch the story to them in a compelling way. Grab them with your headline, and when telling the story, show them why this would matter to their viewers, readers, or listeners, and you will increase your chances of getting their attention.

There is no guarantee for news coverage. Timing is everything, often. So even if reporters don't respond to your first pitch, due to other stories on their plate, check back in intermittently. Let them get to know you, with compelling pitches that could connect to their audiences and align with the type of news coverage they provide. And you will start building a relationship. They may someday—even unexpectedly—reach out to you because you have made a connection. It can take time but if you do your homework, you will increase your chances of future media opportunities.

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If you are an entrepreneur or a spokesperson for your business and you have to talk to the media or conduct any interview, does the thought of that make you anxious? Is it something you dread? Preparation can help make it a rewarding and brand-building experience.

I know how to help you talk to the media, successfully, because I have been the reporter asking the questions and turning your stories into on-air reports...every day...under a deadline. As a former television news anchor and journalist, I interviewed thousands of business leaders. and others, and I also know the constraints of television news time. We have to tell your story in about a minute and a half or two and edit it quickly to meet daily news deadlines. That's why it's critical for you to know how to tell your story, succinctly, including by preparing compelling key messages that will increase the chances of reporters using them.

And, one key way to connect with the media's audience, or your own, is to make emotional connections with them—sharing your story in a way that will get their attention.

Stories matter most. As reporters, we are always looking for good stories that will resonate with our audiences. So how are you telling your story? What messages are you prepping for reporters, podcasters, or other interviewees?

Through Media Training, I help clients get comfortable, be authentic, and excel in interviews. I share storytelling tips and lessons on how to respond when reporters ask the tough questions about your business or profession—especially if there is a controversy that puts your business - or industry - under a microscope.

I have conducted Media Training for politicians and executives in both the corporate and nonprofit world. And I can help you successfully prepare to go on camera or take part in any interview. Media Training can be a reputation builder when you are prepared. And media opportunities can help you build connections with audiences, grow customers, and transform your business.

If you need tips on telling your story, talking to the media, or preparing for any interviews, connect with me on my bio link.

When my daughter was in grade school, I had a heartbreaking moment with her. She seemed a little sad that day and before she went to bed she said, “How can people be so mean? Why do I feel so different?”...as tears filled her eyes.

As a mother, I felt her pain deeply but, in that moment I said, “Different is good, baby. Wouldn’t the world be boring if we were all the same? Just be you. Be unique. And don’t give anyone the power to define you.”

I watched her go through the awkward years of trying to fit in, or choosing not to, and I love the strong, independent young woman she is today....marching to her own beat and paving her own unique path in both her life and career.

Please don't let anyone shape you into something that isn't authentically you. We don't all have to be the same, think the same, or make the same decisions. Just be you. Love well, live bravely, and live fully, unbound by the constraints of others' ideas of who you should be.

And yes. You're free to be different. And that's an empowering way to live.

#bedifferent #beyou #beunique
#bedifferent #beyou #beunique #educational #thoughtleader #microinfluencer #influence #womensmentor #mentor #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #communication #communications #storyteller #story #tellyourstory #Storytelling #PR #agency #lifecoach #lifecoachforwomen #media #mediatraining #whatmattersmost #whatmattersmost2u?

Happy Independence Day. We've come a long way since the United States declared its independence. But are we moving forward or backward?

For several reasons, my heart is heavier this 4th of July. Silence is no longer an option for me as I see a nation deeply divided politically; protests against equity, diversity and inclusion; and women losing independence over their own bodies. I can no longer be afraid to speak for fear of backlash. True friends and allies seek equality and equity for all and are open to hearing each other's stories.

And I am worried. I wonder what kind of future we are building for our children. As a woman, I wonder what other freedoms may be taken from my daughters, nieces, and granddaughters. As a Black woman, I wonder how safe their future is, especially for the men in my family, in a nation where racist incidents are on the rise, systemic racism remains, and there is still, for some, fear of a Black man.

And I wonder how much of our Black history - a crucial part of American history - will continue to be silenced in schools, universities, and other institutions.

So this #IndependenceDay, I pray that we teach all of our history - the bad so that we never repeat it. But also the good: how far we've come, together, with brave ancestors and allies of every race, ethnicity, and background who did *not* stay silent. They marched, bled, and died fighting for women's rights, human rights, and civil rights.

And I pray that we truly see each other as human beings...not as 'the other'...but as people with the same desires for love, family, and for living a fulfilled life, as every American, in a nation where people see the same value in our loved ones as they do in their own.

And, I can't help but wonder what it would look like if we rewrote the man-made stories of the past and truly embodied our declaration of Independence: "...that all (men) are created equal."

May #love and #humanity become our guide.

#4thofJuly #Rewriteourstory #storytellingcoach #lifecoaching #lifecoachforwomen

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